Sales Ready Contact ResearchRevenue Comes From Relationships. Not Researching Through Lists.

“We used to Data Beavers to save our reps time and help them focus on the task of selling. We had tried everything from databases like, Zoominfo, Insideview all of them still required time from our reps to sift through records and check contact information prior to outreach. The Data Beavers was the only solution that helped turn our start-up into one of the fastest growing SaaS businesses in the world”

Paul Sial

Director of Business Development
Vena Solutions

Data Beavers – Contact Research ServiceEasily Outsource B2B Led Research, Email & Phone Number Verification, and List Building

Accurate B2B Contact Data

Our data is sourced by real people and is backed by the power of A.I. Every record we provide is verified, emailed, and QA tested to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Saving Your Most Valuable Resource: Time

Sales departments can now focus on selling instead of verifying email addresses and phone numbers.

Drive Better Campaign Results

Ensure only clean lists are flowing through your CRM and marketing technology stack.

The Primary Focus of Sales Teams Relationships over Google Searches

Most sales & and marketing teams spend an excessive amount of time dealing with the issues that stem from weak contact data. Data Beavers act as an extension of your team, freeing up your time by eliminating your most labor-intensive task.

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Liberate Your Sales & Marketing Teams

AccuracyReliable Research Data Your Sales Team Can Trust

Most salespeople waste the majority of their day researching and validating phone numbers and email addresses.

The Data Beavers find, confirm, and research contacts and act as an extension of your sales team.

Sales departments can now focus on building relationships, instead of spending time researching and verifying their way through lists.

Never Jeopardize Your Online ReputationValidate Contact Data before utilizing it for Your CRM and Marketing Technology

Even the most credibly sourced lists have dated information, inactive emails, and SPAM traps.

Data Beavers combine A.I. and real people to offer you unrivaled contact information accuracy so you only have clean data flowing through your marketing technology stack.

Customized SearchGive Your Sales Team an Edge with Customized and Updated Contact Lists

Now you can have fully customized research on connections specific to your target market.

Arm your sales team with key talking points in niches including education, interests, associations, and previous work experience.

Personalize your research giving your sales team an edge and fully maximize your ABM strategy.

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Liberate Your Sales & Marketing Teams

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